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# CORSIKA8 Framework for Particle Cascades in Astroparticle Physics**

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The purpose of CORSIKA is to simulate any particle cascades in
astroparticle physics or astrophysical context. A lot of emphasis is
put on modularity, flexibility, completeness, validation and
correctness. To boost computational efficiency different techniques
are provided, like thinning or cascade equations. The aim is that
CORSIKA remains the most comprehensive framework for simulating
particle cascades with stochastic and continuous processes.
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The software makes extensive use of static design patterns and
compiler optimization. Thus, the most fundamental configuration
decision of the user must be performed at compile time. At run time
only specific model parameters can still be changed.

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CORSIKA8 is released under the GPL3 license. This does not exclude
that specific CORSIKA8 versions can be released for specific purposes
under different licensing. See [license
which is part of every release and the source code.

If you use, or want to refer to, CORSIKA8 please cite ["Towards a Next
Generation of CORSIKA: A Framework for the Simulation of Particle
Cascades in Astroparticle Physics", Comput.Softw.Big Sci. 3 (2019)
2](https://doi.org/10.1007/s41781-018-0013-0). We kindly ask (and
expect) any relevant improvement or addition to be offered or
contributed to the main CORSIKA8 repository for the benefit of the
whole community.

When you plan to contribute to CORSIKA8 check the guidelines outlined here:
guidelines](https://gitlab.ikp.kit.edu/AirShowerPhysics/corsika/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md). Code
that fails the review by the CORSIKA author group must be improved
before it can be merged in the official code base. After your code has
been accepted and merged you become a contributor of the CORSIKA8
project and you should include yourself in the

IMPORTANT: Before you contribute, you need to read and agree to the
agreement](https://gitlab.ikp.kit.edu/AirShowerPhysics/corsika/blob/master/COLLABORATION_AGREEMENT.md). The
agreement can be discussed, and eventually improved.

We also want to point you to the [MCnet
which are very useful also for us.

## Get in contact
  * Connect to https://gitlab.ikp.kit.edu; register yourself and join the "Air Shower Physics" group
  * Connect to corsika-devel@lists.kit.edu (self-register at
    https://www.lists.kit.edu/sympa/subscribe/corsika-devel) to get in
    touch with the project
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## Installation

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CORSIKA8 is tested regularly at least on gcc7.3.0 and clang-6.0.0.
Additional software prerequisites: eigen3, boost, cmake, g++, git. 
On a bare Ubuntu 18.04, just add:
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sudo apt-get install libeigen3-dev libboost-dev cmake g++ git
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Follow these steps to download and install CORSIKA8-milestone2
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git clone git@gitlab.ikp.kit.edu:AirShowerPhysics/corsika.git
cd corsika
git checkout milestone2
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mkdir ../corsika-build
cd ../corsika-build
cmake ../corsika -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../corsika-install
make -j8
make install
make test
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and if you want to see how the first simple hadron cascade develops, see `Documentation/Examples/cascade_example.cc` for a starting point. 

Run the cascade_example with: 
cd ../corsika-install

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Visualize output (needs gnuplot installed): 
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bash share/tools/plot_tracks.sh tracks.dat 
firefox tracks.dat.gif 
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### Generating doxygen documentation

To generate the documentation, you need doxygen and graphviz. On Ubuntu 18.04, do:
sudo apt-get install doxygen graphviz
Switch to the corsika build directory and do
make doxygen
make install
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browse with firefox:
firefox ../corsika-install/share/doc/html/index.html