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    simplified modules area · 35b66632
    Ralf Ulrich authored
    rename framweork/sequence int framework/process
    remove all dynamic build files from main corsika directory, move into src
    re-added main/shower
    fixed wrong file locations
    Update corsika.hpp. Re-defining the version macros.
    Update corsika.hpp
    Update CONTRIBUTING.md
    Update MAINTAINERS.md
    Deleted FIXME.md
    Deleted AUTHORS
    Update .clang-format
    Update .gitlab-ci.yml
    added packages: proposal, conex, cnpy, spdlog, lcov, corsika-data
    prevent in-source builds
    fotran language
    flags, sections
    build types
    fixed stack_example
    rename directories
    corsika8 interface target
    fixed few compilation, dependency issues in new system
    clang error
    simpler cmake files, using functions, re-introduce run_examples target
    clang format
    copyright notices
    fixed CI script, clang-format
    simplify ctest output
    better interfaces for urqmd and qgsjII, conex
    updated conex, data cmake integration
    build system cmake updates
    also updated corsika.hpp
    added earth radius
    moved static_pow from corsika::units::si::detail to corsika::units
    updated units::si namespaces throughout the project
    No python jobs
    removed a lot of stray using namespaces and corsika::units::si in entire codebase
    [refactory-2020] stack implementations: updated
    [refactory-2020] stack implementations: updated
    [refactory-2020] stack implementations
    [refactory-2020] stack implementations: !290 headers
    [refactory-2020] stack implementations: !290 headers
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