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......@@ -56,6 +56,23 @@ namespace corsika {
* they are just classes. This allows us to handle both, rvalue as
* well as lvalue Processes in the ProcessSequence.
* The main functionality is in the interface methods
* getMaxStepLength which internally loops (static) over all
* ContinuousProcesses, identifies the one with the shortest
* getMaxStepLength and returns this shortest length together with
* an identifier of ths process. Since currently, only one process
* index is returned, in the case where two ContinuousProcesses
* have the same getMaxStepLength only the one occuring first in
* the sequence will ever be executed. Thus, avoid this setup, or
* change the ContinuousProcessIndex from a single identifier to a
* list of identifiers.
* The function selectDecay and selectInteraction both take a
* randomly sampled free path length to the next process (thus,
* either decay length or interaction length) and select one of the
* appropriate processes from the ProcessSequence with the correct
* probability.
* (The sequence, and the processes use the CRTP, curiously recurring template
* pattern).
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