Commit 831f9b29 authored by Ralf Ulrich's avatar Ralf Ulrich

switch off curved trackes for now

parent e5b751eb
......@@ -38,15 +38,15 @@ namespace corsika::setup {
The default tracking algorithm.
typedef corsika::tracking_leapfrog_curved::Tracking Tracking;
//typedef corsika::tracking_leapfrog_curved::Tracking Tracking;
// typedef corsika::tracking_leapfrog_straight::Tracking Tracking;
// typedef corsika::tracking_line::Tracking Tracking;
typedef corsika::tracking_line::Tracking Tracking;
The default trajectory.
/// definition of Trajectory base class, to be used in tracking and cascades
// typedef StraightTrajectory Trajectory;
typedef corsika::LeapFrogTrajectory Trajectory;
typedef StraightTrajectory Trajectory;
//typedef corsika::LeapFrogTrajectory Trajectory;
} // namespace corsika::setup
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