Commit 8c2ccb82 authored by Ralf Ulrich's avatar Ralf Ulrich Committed by Ralf Ulrich

better exclude patterns for coverage

parent 9e4f3858
......@@ -479,7 +479,7 @@ coverage:
- ctest -j4
- cmake --build . --target coverage
- tar czf coverage-report.tar.gz coverage-report
coverage: '/^.*functions\.+:\s(.*\%)\s/'
coverage: '/^.*lines\.+:\s(.*\%)\s/'
- if: '$CI_MERGE_REQUEST_LABELS =~ /Ready for code review/' # run on merge requests, if label 'Ready for code review' is set
......@@ -164,7 +164,11 @@ if (CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE STREQUAL Coverage)
add_custom_command (
OUTPUT coverage.info
COMMAND ${LCOV_BIN_DIR}/lcov -q --remove raw-coverage.info "*/usr/*" "/usr/*" --output-file coverage2.info
COMMAND ${LCOV_BIN_DIR}/lcov --remove coverage2.info "*/externals/*" "*/tests/*" "*/sibyll2.3d.cpp" "*/.conan/*" "*/include/Pythia8/*" "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/modules/*" "${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/modules/*" --output-file coverage.info
COMMAND ${LCOV_BIN_DIR}/lcov --remove coverage2.info
"*/externals/*" "*/tests/*" "*/sibyll2.3d.cpp" "*/.conan/*"
"*/include/Pythia8/*" "*/install/*" "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/modules/*"
--output-file coverage.info
COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E remove coverage2.info
DEPENDS raw-coverage.info
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