1. 03 Feb, 2021 2 commits
  2. 05 Jan, 2021 9 commits
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      style · f16cd74d
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      magnetic fields, refactorred · cfb97fc2
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      first part of magnetic field changes · 44d53229
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      fixed all of Remy's comments · c10b0ac9
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      migrated Helix · b98680ef
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      simplified modules area · 35b66632
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      rename framweork/sequence int framework/process
      remove all dynamic build files from main corsika directory, move into src
      re-added main/shower
      fixed wrong file locations
      Update corsika.hpp. Re-defining the version macros.
      Update corsika.hpp
      Update CONTRIBUTING.md
      Update MAINTAINERS.md
      Deleted FIXME.md
      Deleted AUTHORS
      Update .clang-format
      Update .gitlab-ci.yml
      added packages: proposal, conex, cnpy, spdlog, lcov, corsika-data
      prevent in-source builds
      fotran language
      flags, sections
      build types
      fixed stack_example
      rename directories
      corsika8 interface target
      fixed few compilation, dependency issues in new system
      clang error
      simpler cmake files, using functions, re-introduce run_examples target
      clang format
      copyright notices
      fixed CI script, clang-format
      simplify ctest output
      better interfaces for urqmd and qgsjII, conex
      updated conex, data cmake integration
      build system cmake updates
      also updated corsika.hpp
      added earth radius
      moved static_pow from corsika::units::si::detail to corsika::units
      updated units::si namespaces throughout the project
      No python jobs
      removed a lot of stray using namespaces and corsika::units::si in entire codebase
      [refactory-2020] stack implementations: updated
      [refactory-2020] stack implementations: updated
      [refactory-2020] stack implementations
      [refactory-2020] stack implementations: !290 headers
      [refactory-2020] stack implementations: !290 headers
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      file extension examples · 61323de5
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      g# This is a combination of 3 commits. · 311a17db
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      initial refactory
      Refactoring corsika/core corsica/framework/geometry
      refactory: corsika/framework/sequence
      header.h -> header.hpp + other refacorying...
      refactory media directory...
      refactory: corsika/processes
      Sibyll headers...
      Pythia headers...
      module sub-dir
      some floating cc files around
      eliminate relative include paths on top directories
      fixing include file paths, remove quotes from include directives, fix remaining include guards and correct file names ...
      unit tests: fixing include file paths, remove quotes from include directives, fix remaining include guards and correct file names ...
      corsika/detail inclusion
      corsika/detail changes
      corsika::secondary_namespaces supressed in favor of detail
      more include guards, relative file path, etc ...
      nested class promotion to corsika::detail
      Inteface to Pythia
      one more relative path...
      eliminating files...
      dependencies managment...
      dependencies refactory
      adding corsika/modules and catch2
      build scripts for UrQMD
      make modules compile
      first working vesion of new fwk
      need to generate some header files
      build scripts for dependencies
      sibyll works now
      proper file endings in many places