Commit 8a730ea7 authored by Ralf Ulrich's avatar Ralf Ulrich

typo in README

git-svn-id: https://devel-ik.fzk.de/svn/mc/crmc/trunk@4936 c7a5e08c-de06-0410-9364-b41cf42a0b17
parent ae6d8e2b
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ bin/crmc -o hepmc -p3500 -P-3500 -n100 -m0
bin/crmc -o hepmc -p1380 -P-1380 -n100 -i208 -I208 -m1
**Example to generate 100 4.4 ATeV pPb collisions with QGSJetII-04:
bin/crmc -o hepmc -p3500 -P-1380 -n100 -m7 -i2112 -I822080
bin/crmc -o hepmc -p3500 -P-1380 -n100 -m7 -i2212 -I822080
**Example to test Sibyll2.1
bin/crmc -T -m6
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