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Only EPOSLHC is validated for the use with Geant4 interface

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......@@ -47,12 +47,12 @@ INSTALLATION:
- Install CRMC
- Install CRMC (currently only EPOSLHC is validated for the use with Geant4)
$ git clone --single-branch --branch svn/geant4 git@gitlab.ikp.kit.edu:AirShowerPhysics/crmc.git
$ git clone --branch geant4_21.06 git@gitlab.ikp.kit.edu:AirShowerPhysics/crmc.git
$ mkdir crmc-geant4-build /// (this is where libraries and headers are installed)
$ cd crmc-geant4-build
$ cmake ../crmc -DCRMC_DPMJET19=ON
$ cmake ../crmc
$ make install
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