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    • Christian Holm Christensen's avatar
      User can configure size of HEPEVT · 2af667a5
      Christian Holm Christensen authored
      The user can configure the wanted size of the common block HEPEVT
      via defining the CMake variable `HepMC_HEPEVT_SIZE`. By default it
      is set to 10000, which is the same as in HepMC.  However, this is
      not large enough to hold relativistic heavy-ion collisions.
      Since the value is written to all relevant files via `configure_file`
      we are sure that we will have the same HEPEVT size througout.
  13. 08 Mar, 2021 5 commits
    • Christian Holm Christensen's avatar
      Various updates to enable HepMC3 and Rivet output · 6dc71cb9
      Christian Holm Christensen authored
      - HepMC is now optional
      - HepMC3 is supported
      - Rivet (if HepMC3 is found) is supported
        - This adds options to CRMC.  For example
               ./crmc -o rivet -a MC_FSPARTICLES
          will run the analysis `MC_FSPARTICLES` on the data.
          Note, several analyses can be specified by repeating the
          `-a` (or `--analysis`) option.
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      Removed back-pu file · 310ea847
      Christian Holm Christensen authored
    • Christian Holm Christensen's avatar
      New output policy that passes events on to Rivet for analysis · 1f52a6ab
      Christian Holm Christensen authored
      This new output policy takes the generated events (via the
      shared service CRMChepmc3 and CRMChepevt) and passes them
      on to user selected Rivet analyses.
      In the end, the result of the analysis is written to a YODA file.
      Note, this touches quite a few files.  See later commit.
    • Christian Holm Christensen's avatar
      Updates to HepMC 2 and 3 output policies. · 537bdc19
      Christian Holm Christensen authored
      The new policy OutputPolicyHepMC3 will use HepMC3 for writing
      data.  The updated OutputPolicyHepMC is now optional and
      uses the service of CRMChepevt to convert from HEPEVT to HepMC::GenEvent.
      (the consequences are described in earlier commit).
      The output policy OutputPolicyHepMC3 uses the service class
      CRMChepmc3 to make a HepMC3::GenEvent.  This is shared with the
      output policy OutputPolicyRivet (more later)
    • Christian Holm Christensen's avatar
      Two utility classes to convert from HEPEVT to HepMC(3) · 9eb8d863
      Christian Holm Christensen authored
      These two classes makes it simpler to convert from Fortran common
      block HEPEVT to HepMC::GenEvent.  In particular, the use of
      CRMChepevt (instead of HepMC::HEPEVT_Wrapper) allows us to define the
      size of the HEPEVT common block ourselves.  We can set it to any
      size we want, because the control the translation ourselves.
      It is not currently implemented to let the user choose the size.
      However, it should be done throug a CMAKE option.
  14. 04 Mar, 2021 1 commit
    • Christian Holm Christensen's avatar
      Mega patch to modernise build system · 2cdfe589
      Christian Holm Christensen authored
      OK, so here's a number of changes - mainly to build system - to make it
      easier to use CRMC shared libraries in third party applications.
      The changes are
      - Use **CMAKE** `configure_file` macro instead of hand-crafted replacements
        This effects all files ending in `-HEPMCTEMPLATE` or `-HEPMC-TEMPLATE`
      - In case ROOT is enable, do not set `-std=c++X` - ROOT will supply that
      - Sub-module `CMakeLists.txt` search for files not only in current source
        directory but also current binary directory.  This is needed for
        out-of-source builds (don't eat where you ... - you get the idea)
        so that **CMAKE** can find the generated files (from `configure_file`)
      - Enforce that only _one_ **DPMJet** model version can be built
      - Enforce, in case of static linking, that **PhoJet** and **DPMJet**
        cannot be built together
      - In case of static linking, check if both C++ and Fortran compilers
        support the flag `-mcmodel=medium` and if so, pass that flag.  This
        is needed - otherwise we might get the error
            relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_32S against symbol ...
        from GCC (and I think other compilers too)
      - Use
            set_property(SOURCE files APPEND PROPERTY COMPILER_DEFINITIONS ...)
        instead of setting `COMPILER_FLAGS` in a two step fashion.
      - Some other minor code fixes
        - `src/models.F` Preprocessor guard around `PHO_PHIST` expanded
          to take into account if PhoJet is being built
        - `src/dpmjet/3.2019-1/DPMJET-19.1/src/phojet/PHO_SETPCOMB.f` - fix
          bug. Trying to format a `CHARACTER` array as `REAL`.
      Some things to consider for the future:
      - Perhaps EPOS should be treated like any other model
      - Perhaps define own transform from `HEPEVT` to `HepMC3::GenEvent`
        procdure so that the size of the `HEPEVT` common block can be
        directly defined here
      - ROOT output should really use the "standard" `TGenerator` output -
        that is, a `TClonesArray` of `TParticle` objects.  Additional
        information can still be stored in the output tree (separate branches)
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