Commit 02fafe84 authored by Maximilian Reininghaus's avatar Maximilian Reininghaus 🖖 Committed by Felix Riehn

fixed coordinate systems in Sibyll::Interaction

parent fb4d41cd
......@@ -313,8 +313,6 @@ namespace corsika::process::sibyll {
HEPEnergyType const eCoM = psib.GetEnergy();
auto const Plab = boost.fromCoM(FourVector(eCoM, pCoM));
auto const pid = process::sibyll::ConvertFromSibyll(psib.GetPID());
// add to corsika stack
auto pnew = vP.AddSecondary(
tuple<particles::Code, units::si::HEPEnergyType, stack::MomentumVector,
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