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# Augmented Reality App

This Android app uses KudanAR (version 1.5.2):
* https://www.kudan.eu/
* https://github.com/kudan-eu
* https://kudan.readme.io/docs/development-license-key
* https://www.xlsoft.com/en/products/kudan/down_eval.html

You cannot change the app name because it is bound to the developer key.
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If you want to use a different app name, you can generate a specific key [here](https://www.kudan.eu/keys/).
Usually, keys are only valid for one year.

If you want to modify the app use [AndroidStudio](https://developer.android.com/studio/).
There is only one activity (MainActivity.java) that shows a simple image tracking and overlay.
You can use videos and 3D models (Unity) as well.