Commit f26f1b8d authored by Ralf Ulrich's avatar Ralf Ulrich


If PDF files are edited with inkscape, or generated with matplotlib, it is a
typical scenario that PageGroups are part of those files. If multiple such
PDFs are included, e.g. in latex. Only one of those PageGroups is used (there
can only be one at least per page). It is not clear if this is a misbehaviour
of inkscape, latex or just a general problem in working with both of them.
Latex will produce warnings/errors in such cases pointing to the PageGroups.
With this script here, PDF files can be edited automatically to remove
PageGroups. The internal structure of the PDFs is kept consistent, if needed
the xref tables are updated and fixed.
Use this tool with great care, do not trust its output blindly. Make sure the
generated files are completely OK for the purpose they are indendet for.
I tested this on files editor with inkscape and generated by matplotlib with
excellent results. Thus a workflow for files, where the normal application of
the script does not result in good results, it is worth trying to first import
in inkscape, re-export as pdf, the apply this script, check output.
This tool helped me to write and review papers for the CMS Collaboration
where no errors on latex are allowed in the final step.
Ralf Ulrich
May 2020
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